Our Team

As well as our network of highly experienced business compliance partners, Astute Business Compliance is headed up by Dr. Margaret Boulton, co-founder of Astute Business Compliance.

Our team has over three decades of experience in the industry as both in scientific and senior/corporate leadership positions.

  • We specialise in the provision of regulatory advice and services for new product development, registration and life-cycle management.
  • We have extensive experience of global regulated systems with an exhaustive range of product types and extensive therapy areas.
  • We are skilled at liaising with Regulatory Agencies and/or attending meetings with other company functions to provide advice on new/existing products.
  • We are a proven leader in Pharmaceutical Product registration.
  • We have experience in providing and executing regulatory strategies to ensure early on on-time approval of products.
  • We have proven organisational leadership skills, as well as the management of Quality, Regulatory and Medical professionals.

We Can Help With

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